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Co-Occurrence of Helicobacter Pylori and Intestinal Metaplasia in Patients with Dyspepsia

Hüseyin Onur Aydın, Abdulcabbar Kartal, Mehmet Oduncu

J Clin Anal Med 2017;8(3):223-225

Aim: Helicobacter pylori (HP) is a common gram negative bacteria associated with peptic ulcer disease and malignancy. In this study we evaluated the co-occurrence of helicobacter pylori and intestinal metaplasia (IM) in patients with dyspepsia. Material and Method: We retrospectively evaluated the gastroscopy and antral biopsy results of patients that were admitted to Siverek Government Hospital general surgery outpatient clinic with dyspepsia between November 2013 and January 2015. Pathology samples were investigated with giemsa for HP and with PAS-AB for intestinal metaplasia. Results: We evaluated 682 patients (304 men, 378 women) with a mean age of 38.22 ±14.64 years (range 18-88 years). We diagnosed 555 (81.4%) with antral gastritis, 81 (11.9%) with pangastritis, and 6 (0.9%) with ulcero-vegetant tumoral lesion. Based on pathology we diagnosed 469 (69.6%) with chronic gastritis, 201 (29.5%) with inactive chronic gastritis, and 6 (0.9%) with adenocarcinoma. HP was detected in 475 (69.6%) patients, intestinal metaplasia was detected in 56 (8.2%) patients, and atrophy was seen in 11 (1.6%) patients. HP was detected in 4 (66.6%) of the 6 patients with adenocarcinoma. In 48 patients with HP, intestinal metaplasia was also found. In 8 patients with intestinal metaplasia, HP was negative. Co-occurrence of HP and intestinal metaplasia was statistically significant (p: 0.006). Discussion: HP promotes intestinal metaplasia. The prevention and treatment of HP prevents precancerous lesions. In particular, patients with dyspepsia resistant to medical treatment should be examined carefully in general surgery practice.

Keywords : helicobacter pylori, intestinal metaplasia, dyspepsia, adenocarcinoma,

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Hüseyin Onur Aydın, Abdulcabbar Kartal, Mehmet Oduncu, Co-Occurrence of Helicobacter Pylori and Intestinal Metaplasia in Patients with Dyspepsia, J Clin Anal Med 2017;8.(3):223-225