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The effect of an informative leaflet on preoperative anxiety and patients knowledge of anesthesia and anxiety

Ali İhsan Uysal, Basak Altıparmak, Ozcan Güner

J Clin Anal Med 2017;8(5):370-374

Aim: Anesthesiology is a medical specialty that is not well understood by the general public. Although in developed countries 60-90% of patients know that an %u201Canesthesiologist%u201D is a medical doctor, this ratio is only about 50% in developing countries. The aim of this survey is to assess if a simple and readable leaflet can improve patients%u2019 knowledge of anesthesia and of the responsibilities of anesthesiologists. Material and Method: After university ethics committee approval, 815 patients admitted to an anesthesia clinic were included in the study. Patients who gave their consent filled out a simple questionnaire about anesthesia and anesthesiologists at the time of their preoperative examination. Patients were then asked to read an information leaflet before their surgeries. The day after surgery, all patients answered the same questionnaire at the ward. Patients%u2019 answers to the preoperative and postoperative questionnaires were recorded. Results: Preoperatively 83.1% (n=677) of the patients read the leaflet. Reading the leaflet was directly correlated to educational level and age (p<0.05). When we compare the preoperative and postoperative answers, there were significant differences for these questions: %u201Canesthesia knowledge%u201D, %u201Cwhere anesthesia doctor works%u201D, %u201Cknowledge of anesthesia technique%u201D, %u201Cwhat an anesthesia doctor does%u201D, %u201Cwho applies anesthesia%u201D, %u201Cknowledge of regional anesthesia and who performs it%u201D. There was also a significiant difference for these questions concerning fear of anesthesia: %u201CI will die%u201D and %u201CFear about nausea and vomiting%u201D (p<0.05). Discussion: The patients%u2019 poor knowledge of the risks and the practice of anesthesia is an important health problem. In the current study, a simple information leaflet read in the preoperative period managed to improve patients%u2019 knowledge of anesthesia. Most of our patients seemed to be comfortable with reading it.

Keywords : Questionaire, Knowledge of anesthesia, Anxiety, Writing material,

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Ali İhsan Uysal, Basak Altıparmak, Ozcan Güner, The effect of an informative leaflet on preoperative anxiety and patients knowledge of anesthesia and anxiety, J Clin Anal Med 2017;8.(5):370-374