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Decreased density of interstitial Cajal-like cells correlate with cholelithiasis in children

Esra Karakuş

J Clin Anal Med 2017;8(Suppl 4):359-361


Aim: The present study aimed to analyze numbers of (Interstitial Cajal-like cells) ICLCs found in cholelithiasis specimens and compare them with controls specimens of children.

Material and Methods: Gallbladders were resected laparoscopically from 20 patients with cholelithiasis and 15 patients with cholecystitis. Tissue samples were processed for routine histological examination. Additionally, all sections were immunohistochemically stained with CD117 and Mast Cell Tryptase antibodies.

Results: When specimens were compared for the density of ICLCs, mean number for the control group was 39.07, whereas for the cholelithiasis group it was found to be 23.30. The difference of means of ICLCs in these groups was found to be statistically significant (p=0.044).

Conclusion: We found that the density of (Interstitial cells of Cajal) ICC or ICLCs in the muscularis propria was significantly lower in specimens from children with gallstone disease than in specimens derived from the gallstone-free, which served as controls. Gallbladder motility may be affected by the number of ICC or ICLCs which are in interaction with smooth muscle contraction. The histopathological differences observed in this study may help to elucidate the pathophysiology of cholelithiasis in children.

Keywords : Gallstones, Interstitial Cajal like cells, Mast cells, CD117/c-kit, Gallbladder motility,

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Esra Karakuş, Decreased density of interstitial Cajal-like cells correlate with cholelithiasis in children, J Clin Anal Med 2017;8.(Suppl 4):359-361