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Clinical significance of non-diphtheria corynebacterium in geriatric patients

Arzu Ýrvem

J Clin Anal Med 2017;8(Suppl 4):381-384


Aim: Non-diphtheria corynebacteria are referred as diphtheroid and coryneform, and can be considered as ‘colonizers' and contaminants. We aim to evaluate the coryneform bacteria isolated in our hospital's microbiology laboratory together with the patient's clinical status.

 Materials and Methods: Various clinical samples sent to our hospital's Medical Microbiology Laboratory were Gram stained and cultured in agars. The strains with polymorphonuclear neutrophils and gram-positive bacilli on Gram stain, dominant or absolute growth in culture and growth in the repeated blood cultures were regarded as infectious agents while bacterial growths are not completing those criteria were reported as contamination or colonization. The mean age of the patients was 68.46 (between 47 and 89). C. jeikeium was isolated from blood cultures from 3 patients. C. striatum was isolated from wound cultures of 2 patients, in the bronchial aspirates of 2 patients and in the blood cultures of 1 patient. C. urealyticum was isolated from pre-diagnosed cystitis from 2 patients (105Cfu/ml).  C. amycolatum was isolated from wound cultures of 1 patient, and C. minutissimum was isolated from 2 patient’s wounds, one patient's ear and one patient's catheter and wound.

Result: Identification of Corynebacterium species can be difficult because of rapid taxonomic changes. Susceptibility testing of these micro-organisms is not yet standardized. However because of their growing clinical importance, data on these bacteria are accumulating. Non-Diphtheria corynebacteria have emerged as important pathogens causing many serious infections.

Keywords : Corynebacterium, Geriatric patients,

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