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The Influence Of Physical Exercise On The Power Of Axial Balance Muscles

Amidoddin Khatibi Aghda, Vahid Sobhani, Mahsa Asheghan, Mohammadtaghi Hollisaz

J Clin Anal Med 2017;8(Suppl 4):-


Investigating the influence of physical exercise on the power of axial balance muscles among the patients suffering from discopathy backache and those suffering from nonspecific backache resorting to the hospital




Background: Backache is one of the most common skeletal-muscular disorders experience at least once by everyone in his life. This is the third cause of people’s disablement in the range of 15 to 65 years old in Iran. One of the major causes of the backache is the lumbar disks whose chronic cases are swelling. The present research seeks to investigate the effect of axial balance muscles power among those suffering from discopathy and nonspecific backache.

Methods: The population of the research included 60 people with a record of at least 4 weeks of backache resorting to the physical medicine department of Baghiyat Allah Hospital who had been advised to undergo Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) based on the clinical symptoms and their status. These people were divided into the nonspecific and discopathic categories. The core muscles power was measured in both groups and compared against one another. After eight weeks of axial balance exercises, the muscular power was once again checked. The resulting data was analysed using SPSS.

Results: The initial results indicated no significant difference between the two groups in terms of factors such as gender, age, job, family background of backache, history of previous diseases, and the average age of backache. As the results indicated after eight weeks of central balancing exercises, the level of pain decreased significantly in both groups and the muscular power distribution also improved.

Conclusion: Eight weeks of central balancing exercises will result in the significant increase and improvement of pain and muscular power distribution respectively.

Keywords : Exercise, Muscular power, Backache, Discopathy, Patient,

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Amidoddin Khatibi Aghda, Vahid Sobhani, Mahsa Asheghan, Mohammadtaghi Hollisaz, The Influence Of Physical Exercise On The Power Of Axial Balance Muscles , J Clin Anal Med 2017;8.(Suppl 4):-