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Anti-inflammatory efficiency of erythropoietin in sciatic nerve damage

Hasan Emre Aydin, ismail kaya, Hulya Ozen, Ceren Kizmazoglu, Inan Uzunoglu

J Clin Anal Med 2018;9(4):287-291

Aim: Peripheral nerve injuries are the major health problem in the world. Several neurotrophic agents have been evaluated for their efficacy in nerve injury. We aimed to compare the effects of erythropoietin (EPO), known to have neuroprotective, neuroregenerative and anti-inflammatory properties like gabapentin, on the sciatic nerve in experimental crush injury to the sciatic nerve in rats. Material and Method: We classified four groups for this study. Aneurysm clips were used for the sciatic nerve crush injury for trauma groups. Sciatic nerve and blood samples were taken for the experimental procedures. ELISA method was used to evaluate the tissue. Results: Average values of IL-1%u03B2 and TNF-%u03B1 levels of the groups and the relationship between the groups are presented. After EPO and gabapentin treatment, IL-1%u03B2 levels were significantly lower in the trauma group. TNF-%u03B1 levels were statistically significantly higher in the trauma group than in other groups. According to the EPO and gabapentin treatment, TNF-%u03B1 levels were significantly lower than those in the trauma group. Discussion: In this study, the effects of EPO and gabapentin on the rat sciatic nerve injury were examined by biochemical methods. EPO is a drug that has an advantage of the treatment of anemia and used for the nerve damage in the experimental studies. We suggest that the EPO has beneficial effects on the trauma models with the blood loss and the nerve damage.

Keywords : Sciatic nerve, erityhropoietin, gabapentine, gabapentin,

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Hasan Emre Aydin, ismail kaya, Hulya Ozen, Ceren Kizmazoglu, Inan Uzunoglu, Anti-inflammatory efficiency of erythropoietin in sciatic nerve damage, J Clin Anal Med 2018;9.(4):287-291