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Published Statement

Conflict of Interest

Journal of Clinical and Analytical Medicine requests the authors to state all the financial resources that may be potential conflict of interest regarding their manuscript.  When editors detect any potential upcoming conflicts, they contact the authors to remedy any discrepancies. We publish declaration of authors whether or not conflict of interest exists.

Informed Consent

According to the 1976 Copyright Act (Copyright law of the United States), any publication rights of the articles accepted for publication belong to publisher institutions. This assignment becomes binding with accepting of the article for publication. Content of the articles is entirely on the responsibility of the author. Article authors will not be paid any fees for articles. Any part of the printed material can’t be used elsewhere without the written permission of the Clinical and Analytical Medical Journal. The authors should fill the “Copyright Transfer Form” presented in the attachment and submit to the www.jcam.com.tr address as online with the article.

Human and Animal Rights

For all human researches, authors must ensure that studies are in accordance with the amended Declaration of Helsinki (1975) and its seventh revision (2013). Editors expect that all investigations involving humans are performed in accordance with these principles. For animal experimentation reported in the journal, it is expected that investigators observe the Interdisciplinary Principles and Guidelines for the Use of Animals in Research, Testing, and Education issued by the New York Academy of Sciences' Adhoc Committee on Animal Research. Studies on animals require ethical approval.